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Parents are the best teachers for their kids while they are very young. That is the reason why it is very important to know and get to know more of the ability that they can do. It is not about focusing on one thing only but by giving them the chance to express what they want to say in many ways. You would always notice something new that they are trying to do and cope up with. It could be about verbal way or hand and even body gestures. They are very important elements in developing the cognitive and mental ability of the kids in line with the developing of their language interaction with people and how the way they react to a certain object or a thing. You could see a lot of examples and explanation on why kids would like to communicate in many ways in this website Here are some of the measurable tips in knowing that they want to say something to you in different ways and gestures.  


  1. You will notice the develop in your kid when he or she starts to say his or her first word. You are feeling thrilled because you don’t know yet what word is he or she going to say.  It is ok that your kid below 8 months can’t talk even a single word. They would start to develop this one as they reach more than 8 months. Doctors believe that the first word that they are going to say is the word that they always hear from you or to his or her environment.  
  2. Another sign of developing a new learning is that when they are trying to move their body parts like hands and feet. The same situation when you say goodbye to them and they can wave their hands even in a simple way. You can develop more of this by teaching them the common hand language gestures like clapping and counting using their fingers.  
  3. It is normal that kids under 1 year old and even like 28 months old would speak and try to say words but it is not that clear. Because they don’t know how to enunciate the word’s pronunciation. There are cases that they have their own way of saying daddy for example. Some toddler would say dada instead of daddy. That is pretty normal but while they are still very young you need to correct them properly especially with the words that they are saying. Failed to do this would result to inheriting this way of saying until he or she reaches being a young child. 
  4. When you figure out that they are trying to read the story book aloud then you correct them right away about the proper way of saying the words and the correct pronunciation.  
  5. When they are trying to imitate you and follow your words. So, this part you need to be very careful about the words that you are using.  

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